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 Command #1: Capturing the Brawlers Guardians

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PostSubject: Command #1: Capturing the Brawlers Guardians   Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:45 pm

Greetings Special Forces co-stars,

Master Gill has posted such a command upon us all, and I being the one standing at the forefront of our Forces in Bakugan Interspace, I will now tell of our first command to bring us glory and grace from our Twelve Orders leaders.

I am unlike Master Gill in speaking for only myself. My choices are debatable, if you can bring light of reasoning to my eyes of such.

Here is what I have determined to be the best of matchups with the Brawlers:

Brawl #1: Lena Vs. Princess Fabia

Notes about Princess Fabia and Aranaut:

  • Haos Saver is main problem by Gate Card, then transfers.
  • 7 Attack, 2 Defense, 2 Attack/Defense. Attack based, but may turn the tides in a move with the Attack/Defenses. Be Careful.
  • Can negate Gate Card, 2 abilities to do so. Look at stats when suspect she’ll use it.
  • Can negate only 1 ability with Aranaut’s abilities. Goes head to head with you, no real negation game.
  • Mostly only increases on her abilities. A few transfers however and 2 decreases.
  • Don’t Ignore Dual Commando. Can still be used despite there being no other Aranaut in play.
  • Keep an eye on Strength. Most abilities increase Strength. Then alternates with the 2 others.
  • Battle Crusher Duke and can be hurtful. Expect her to use it early.
  • Battle Crusher Demise can hurt.
  • Attack Force can spike quickly. Beware.

Overall: Fabia needs someone who can negate, yet hit where it counts. Also, needs to be able to hold up with Strength stat. Phosphos has the best stats to compete with this. However, a past match up between Aranaut and Phosphos leaves possible learning opportunities for Princess Fabia.

Brawl #2: : Ren Vs. Marucho

Notes about Marucho and Akwimos:

  • Be Mindful of Akwimos’ Special Effect. Use Stat Sacrifice if necessary.
  • Elemental Blue has already been used. It won’t be able to be used again in Interspace. Keep this in mind.
  • Ocean Booster negates the ATTACK launched, not the ability. The effect will stay. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. Or try to lure it out with a Basic Attack, as to not waste a normal ability on it.
  • All of the Abilities for Akwimos increase his power (except Shadow Claw Double, which transfers), but doesn’t decrease the opponents. Exploit effects that remove the increase to his power level if needed. Such as Special Defense: Block. It removes the increase from the last Attack Class ability it played. Will work in 95% of the situations.
  • 4 Defense, 3 Attack, 2 Attack/Defense: Is Defense focused, but does balance it well.
  • Can Nullify the Gate Card
  • Possesses Freeze Enemy which can be DEVASTATING if used correctly. BE CAREFUL.
  • Abilities do not effectively increase Intelligence, but DO increase Strength and Agility by a significant margin. Utilize Intelligence for maximum damage.
  • Defense also will be high after a few abilities. Will need more damage to deal enough of an impact to capture
  • Gigarth isn’t overly devastating, still has a transfer on both abilities though. Prepare for it.

Overall: Ren is the best matchup. Gigarth Ray will keep Akwimos’ Strength under control, by decreasing it by 4, as well as increasing Linehalt’s Intelligence, which is already 1 higher than Akwimos’. The Gates don’t exactly matter. Both sides can negate it.

Brawl #3: Jesse Vs. Dan

Notes about Dan and Helix Dragonoid:

  • Battle Gear WILL be sent back, unless the Special Effect of Drago is negated.
  • Possible Attribute change by Gate Card
  • Possible negation of all abilities or brought to base level by Gate Card
  • 5 Attack, 3 Defense, 0 Attack/Defense. Is Attack focused.
  • Dragon Hummer negates but is an Attack Class.
  • Hyper Helix Shield MIMICS the Power Level increase. Be careful.
  • Jetkor Level 2 is DEVASTATING. Prevent Level 2 at all costs, or use it to your advantage and lure it out. (Reversal or absorbing the effect)

Overall: I am then best matchup. High agility, with little Agility boosts from Drago’s abilities make it something to exploit. Also, Gear Barricade and Cyclotron get rid of Jetkor and Dan’s Gate card in either case I fight him in. Stats match up better than any other.

Brawl #4: Mason Vs. Shun

Notes of Shun and Hawktor:

  • Beware the Agility stat! Keep your Agility as high as possible at all times.
  • Can negate all abilities or bring your Power Level to 0 by Gate Card. Beware.
  • 2 Defense, 4 Attack. Attack based, but negations are VERY common.
  • Can Nullify Gate Card
  • Transfers and decreases mainly by abilities, no increases to Hawktor, except for transfers. Reverse back on Hawktor if possible, or absorb it.
  • Can remove Stat increases from abilities with his. Careful to not rely on stats.
  • Can negate up to 3 abilities by his. However, the effects are stuck at that. No secondary effects to most. Meaning, not much to increase his power.
  • Will rely on stats heavily. HEAVILY on Agility. Nearly all increase Agility. Then Strength. Beware Dodge and Speeding Strike.
  • Only 1 Battle Gear ability, Negates and transfers 400. Can be potent.

Overall: Mason's recent "fallthrough" makes this brawl possible to not happen. If so, I am next to face him. My agility stat is the only to tackle Hawktor's. This brawl may be delayed should Mason be dropped from our forces for good. If this brawl should continue, Avior's Battle Mode will be needed, and was next best to face Hawktor. Avior's negations will be key.

As for Sid and Zenet, you will both remain in reserve. If, for whatever reason, Jake shows up or SOYG is in Interspace, looking to brawl, then I'll issue a command. For now, remain vigilant on the brawler's movements.

Now, if any of you have questions or concerns as to your matchup, or have a better reasoning for something else, say so. If not, get going on your brawl. Best of luck to all of you, my allies in arms and co-stars of spotlight.

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PostSubject: Re: Command #1: Capturing the Brawlers Guardians   Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:19 pm

Understood, Jesse. First come first serve has no place in these match-ups... I'll manipulate the order of fulfillment to the brawling requests so that we can all follow through, uninterrupted.
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PostSubject: Re: Command #1: Capturing the Brawlers Guardians   Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:17 pm

That would be greatly welcomed, Ren. The moment for the spotlight to shine upon the stage and the curtains to pull back is upon us. Resume the performance immediately, all of you.
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PostSubject: Re: Command #1: Capturing the Brawlers Guardians   

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Command #1: Capturing the Brawlers Guardians
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