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 Creating Your Brawler Profile

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PostSubject: Creating Your Brawler Profile   Creating Your Brawler Profile Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 8:53 pm

Creating your very own Brawler Profile for submission is both a fun and easy process that defines who you are as a brawler and acts as a protected storage area for all of your collected Bakugan and cards. Smile In order to make your unique brawler profile with ease, please follow these steps:

1. Determine your attribute. This only means that you need to be a member of one of the six attribute groups before you can get started. Once you find that your username is in the color red, light brown, yellow, violet, blue, or light green, you'll be considered a member of the attribute group corresponding to the color of your elemental preference. Smile Being a member of one specific attribute group is mandatory before submitting your profile for approval, so if you have yet to be inserted into a group, please see an administrator and request to be placed in an attribute group at your earliest convenience.

2. Post a topic in the VIRTUAL CHARACTER PROFILES forum. Once you've done this, you'll be perfectly prepared to begin constructing your own Brawler Profile. Smile You could also open a word processor instead of working directly in the new topic, and then copy and paste the contents of your document into the topic itself. Either one of those two options works perfectly fine for this procedure.

3. Create a template. Basic order and structure is required in every Brawler Profile we approve, but the work of designing a template has already been completed for you! Smile Simply copy and paste this default template into your blank profile page:

Quote :
Name: (Your RP character name, first and last)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Species: (Human/Earthling or Vestal)
Traits: (No less than three words you would describe yourself with)


(list your choice of Bakugan here)

Gate Cards:

(list your choice of Gate Cards here)

Ability Cards:

(list your choice of Ability Cards here)

Right now, you only need to work with the first four fields in the template. All you need to do is type out your role playing character name, your gender, what species you are, and three traits to describe your personality with. Once you've completed that, we can move on to step 4 of creating your very own Brawler Profile. Smile

4. Pick out your Bakugan and cards. The most important part of any Brawler Profile is the Bakugan and cards that are contained within. To start you off right, you may choose any five of the Bakugan listed under LEVEL 1 from this topic here. The upside to this is that you can include up to three copies of the same Bakugan! The downside is that they must all match the attribute of the group you are currently a member of. However, after you've been brawling for a while, you can just purchase more Bakugan of different attributes at the DIGITAL EXCHANGE CENTER forum. Wink Once you've chosen all of your Bakugan, you can then place them in the "Bakugan" spot of your Brawler Profile. It's as simple as that! Smile

Now that you've determined the Bakugan you would like to begin using in your very first brawl, go ahead and do the same for your two types of cards. Choose any three of the Gate Cards listed under LEVEL 1 from this topic here. Unfortunately, when it comes to cards, you can only include one copy of each. It's important to choose Gate Cards that would work well with the Bakugan you've already selected for your Brawler Profile. When you've made your three decisions, go ahead and place them in the "Gate Cards" spot of your Brawler Profile. You're two-thirds of the way there! There's just one more area left to cover. Smile

With your Bakugan and Gate Cards picked out, it's time to begin choosing your Ability Cards. The Ability Cards you choose depend entirely on the Bakugan you've already selected. You may choose any three of the Ability Cards listed under LEVEL 1 that work specifically for one of your own Bakugan. from this topic here. It's also in your best interest to pick up the two Ability Cards that require only your attribute to be present on the battlefield. (i.e. for Pyrus, they would be Pyrus Sear and Lava Barricade. For Subterra, they would be Subterra Rockslide and Marble Stronghold, etc.) You may select up to three Ability Cards for each of the Bakugan in your Brawler Profile. You should end up with exactly 17 Ability Cards if you have five Bakugan in your Brawler Profile. Following the pattern from before, simply transfer your selections into the "Ability Cards" spot of your Brawler Profile. After completing steps 1-4, you will have completed your exclusive Bakugan Interspace Brawler Profile! Smile You should feel quite proud for making it this far, and now all that's left is to complete the fifth and final step before you

5. Submit your profile for approval. In that new topic you made earlier, once you have your entire resource pool of Brawler Profile information in the body text, click "Send" and your Brawler Profile should be posted and made visible for the moderators to inspect and approve. Smile Once your Brawler Profile has been locked and moved to the "APPROVED VIRTUAL PROFILES" forum, you'll be licensed to brawl in Bakugan Interspace. That's all there is to it! If a moderator asks for you to revise your Brawler Profile, then simply adjust it according to their wishes and tell them once you've done so. Afterward, we will take another look, and approve it once it's ready for the arena. Smile Good luck and have fun!
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Creating Your Brawler Profile
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