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The official debut of Bakugan Interspace, open to the public!
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 Welcome to Bakugan Interspace, Brawlers and Spectators Alike.

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PostSubject: Welcome to Bakugan Interspace, Brawlers and Spectators Alike.   Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:25 pm

Let me be one of the first to welcome you to this digital universe known as Bakugan Interspace, where the breathtaking and tense battles will surely provide hours of gripping entertainment for veterans and newcomers alike. I am ShadowOfYourGuardian, one of the designers and administrators of this virtual utopia, where brawlers from the far expanses of the globe can come together and take part in the sport of Bakugan Brawling without needing to leave your own hometown. This system allows battling to be brought to the masses and allows each and every one of you a fair chance at showing your skills and honing them with practice inside these monitored and safety assured battlefields.

I, ShadowOfYourGuardian, am a brawler like many of you who have stepped into this new technological world with an open mind and even wider eyes. I may not be what any of you expect, if you are loyal followers of the events of the publicized series. However, I assure you, that I am even more dedicated and truthful as to my role as one of the leading minds on keeping this place as friendly, safe and competitive as possible.

If you have any concerns or requests about possible advancements or alterations to make your experience here more pleasurable, please infer to either Marucho or myself and we will discuss your inquiry in an attempt to make this place as to your liking as possible.

Welcome and Enjoy the Excitement,

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Welcome to Bakugan Interspace, Brawlers and Spectators Alike.
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