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 Dragons of Prophecy

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PostSubject: Dragons of Prophecy    Dragons of Prophecy  Icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 8:38 pm

It was silent that night. No animals in the forest dared to make a sound. Only the occasional whistle of the wind. You would think yourself to be deaf at one point, if you hadn't soon heard a slow beat... The beat of dragon wings. Because high up in the dark sky, a glimmer of red and gold flashed in the air. A very, very large and very dangerous dragon. It's scales came down into a sharp point and were harder than diamonds -- as all dragon scales were -- and had a deep crimson color too them, while it's underbelly was an array of different golds and ambers. It's eyes had to be the most unique thing about the beast, though. They looked as if they were made of thousands of crushed emeralds, it's teeth long and curved like hooks. Tongues of orange and red flames flickered around it's mouth as it flew, giving a growl every now and then from aggravation.
Nestled between it's shoulder-blades on a small leather saddle, was a man dressed in red battle-armor. Like his dragon, he had red hair and deep sea green eyes. But he wasn't like any normal man. His skin was gray and at the tips of his fingers were claws, along with having vampire like teeth. Gill. One of the Emperor's many followers and generals, and very powerful. He didn't care about how Krakix didn't like flying at night due to the coolness, as all Pyrus dragons did, but he needed to talk to the Emperor and that was that.
Seeing his destination, he leaned down further inbetween Krakix' shoulder-blades to protect himself from the wind and to prepare for the sharp drop he was about to take. Dive, Krakix. Go to the cliffs, and make this fast, Gill thought. Without complaint, the dragon folded its wings against it's side and aimed itself straight down. It was only fifty feet before Kraxix snapped open his wings to break the dive. Beating his wings furiously as he reared up, he landed with a loud thud. Twenty feet away, was a large cave. Purple flames flickered from inside. Krakix released a loud snarl, lashing his tail around as he lowered himself to the ground so that Gill could get off. Gill leaned down and untied the straps around his legs and ankles and jumped off the dragon with a flip as he landed on one knee. It had been a long way down, but didn't hurt. Looking back up to Krakix, he narrowed his eyes. Stay here, and don't make much noise. Krakix grunted in response, letting out a small burst of flame as he did so.
Walking inside, one would think it was just an ordinary cave. How wrong they would be. It was almost like a palace, only, the walls, ceiling, and floor were made of stone from the cave. In the center of the cave, a large fire burned bright and high towards the ceiling. There were several chairs and blankets, even a few desks with maps and other things on one side. While the other had it's wall covered in different weapons. One's that Gill had never seen before. Sitting near the back of the cave infront of a large black curtain on a large black ebony stone throne, was a very dark and imposing figure. He looked almost exactly like Gill, yet he seemed a bit older and had yellow eyes with long black hair that barely reached past his shoulders. His chin rested on his fist as he stared at Gill with a devilish smirk playing along his lips.
"Gill," He spoke quietly. His voice was deep and low, and seemed to have a bit of a growl behind it. So calm, yet so dangerous. Gill lowered his head and bowed deeply while keeping his eyes focused on the ground. "Sire," Gill replied. "I have good news. We have acquired the Aquas dragon egg. It will shall hopefully be brought to your possession by the next full moon." Silence echoed throughout the cave except for the crackle of fire.
"... Emperor Barodius?"
"Tell me, Gill... How many eggs are there?"
Gill sucked in a breath. "Six, sire."
"And how many do I have in my possession?"
"... Three."
"Precisely." Barodius hissed venomously. "Only three. We only have a year left, until all the eggs hatch. And we need all six fulfill our plan. And if the other three eggs are in the hands of the enemy.."
Still staring at the ground, Gill stayed as still as a statue. The only sign of movement his breathing.
"You promised me two.. And you have failed to deliver, Gill, as always. Now the question is.. how to ensure I get the other eggs.."
Gill's eyes widened and he looked up at Barodius with a hiss. He wouldn't dare!
The Emperor's face was emotionless. "Dharak."
And in one swift motion, the black curtain sprung to life. But it wasn't a curtain. It was a dragon. The beast had been covering itself with its wings and using the shadows as an illusion. Dharak let out a large roar that shook the whole cave and knocked Gill to his feet. He was barely able to roll to the side as Dharak thundered past him. Once he had crawled out of the cave, Gill heard a snap and the gut-churning scream of a dragon. His dragon. Krakix. The only discomfort he felt was a slight sting on his throat and a scratching feeling on his back, but he ignored it as he bolted to the entrance of the cave.
Krakix was letting out cries of agony as he struggled underneath Dharak. Dharak was so huge, that he almost made Krakix look like a hatchling. Dharak had Krakix pinned beneath him, his powerful jaws clamped down hard behind Krakix' head. Krakix tried claw Dharak but failed miserably. A powerful battle-dragon reduced to a whimpering hatchling. Crying out in agony, Krakix looked to his master for help. But Gill knew Krakix should be dead right now. Dharak wasn't even trying. Gill whirled around only to come face-to-face with Barodius, whose eyes were distant and cold with a deathly look in them. A look that could kill if it could.
"Bring me the other three by the next full moon, or your dragon will suffer the price for your failure."
Gill could only give a solemn nod in response. Barodius kept his eyes on Gill as he spoke, "Dharak. Release it." There was a thud, and Gill turned around to see Krakix laying motionless on the ground. Bleeding badly at the neck and exhausted, but alive. But Dharak lingered over the fall red dragon. Dharak looked like a large black phantom against the night sky, the only color you could see being the red slits for his eyes. Everything else was just solid black. But even then, Gill could see the blood dripping onto the soil from his jaws. He backed away a few feet and buried his talons into the ground with a loud hiss as his gaze landed on Gill, arching his neck like a cobra ready to strike at it's prey.
Dharak gave out another loud roar that shook the very bones in Gill's body, snapped out his wings, and disappeared into the night. But in Gill's head, he swore he heard the words, Pathetic weakling, echo in his thoughts. He heard Barodius walk away back into the cave while Gill hurried over to Krakix and prepared himself to cast a healing spell. It would take a lot of energy, and Gill knew he'd be exhausted by the end of it. All he knew was, he needed to find those eggs... Or Krakix, and most likely himself, would end up dead.
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Dragons of Prophecy
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