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 Greetings, brawlers of all ages!

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Greetings, brawlers of all ages! Left_bar_bleue4000/1000000Greetings, brawlers of all ages! Empty_bar_bleue  (4000/1000000)

Greetings, brawlers of all ages! Empty
PostSubject: Greetings, brawlers of all ages!   Greetings, brawlers of all ages! Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2012 11:17 pm

Hello, my name is Marucho Marukura, co-administrator of Bakugan Interspace. I'm very pleased to meet you all. Smile My colleague ShadowOfYourGuardian (SOYG) and I have put in hours of work, with meticulous care to ensure that Bakugan Interspace is the perfect, problem-free gaming environment for all your brawling needs! Here at B.I., we've touched upon some interesting aspects of Bakugan Brawling that you were never able to achieve before in the prior "Hyperspace" websites, until now! We've also teamed up with professional Bakugan researchers and scientists to uncover an astonishing new style of brawling that truly brings out 100% of every Bakugan's fighting potential!

To experience all of this for yourself, please post a topic in this forum to notify our staff that you've registered. You will then be sent a message to your registered E-Mail address, containing your very own access code and password! Please save the code/password onto your computer and/or keep the message you received it from in a safe place, because we are unable to reset or resend you the code/password for security reasons. Oh, I almost forgot. Also in your introduction topic, please specify which attribute you would like to be brawling under. All members must join one out of six attribute groups. With that out of the way, I leave you to resume playing. If you haven't already, post a topic telling the other members a little about yourself, and get ready to begin brawling like you've never seen it before! Wink
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Greetings, brawlers of all ages!
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